How to replace the consumable rollers (feed roller and retard roller) on the DR-C240.

Article ID: ART173669 | Date published: 02/12/2019 | Date last updated: 02/12/2019


The two rollers (feed and retard rollers) installed in the scanner are consumable parts. The feed roller and retard roller wear with scanning. If the feed and retard rollers are worn, documents may not feed correctly resulting in paper jams and double feeds.
When more than 200,000 pages have been fed (total number of pages fed by the scanner), a message prompting you to replace the rollers is displayed when the computer is started.
If this message begins to be displayed at startup, replace the worn rollers with an the consumable parts included in the exchange roller kit.
Furthermore, the counter in the scanner that records the number of pages fed also needs to be reset when you replace the rollers.


  1. Open the document eject tray.

  2. Pull the OPEN lever and pull open the front unit toward you.

    The location of each of the consumable parts is shown below.

  3. Open the feed roller cover.

  4. Remove the feed roller.

  5. Install the new feed roller.

  6. Close the feed roller cover.

  7. Open the retard roller cover.

  8. Pull the left lever that secures the retard roller to the scanner, and remove the retard roller.

  9. Install the new retard roller by inserting the right side first.

  10. Push the left side of the retard roller to secure it to the scanner.

  11. Close the retard roller cover.

  12. When closing the front unit, make sure that it is completely closed by gently pressing the left and right sides until you hear a click.

  13. Close the document eject tray.

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