How To Set Email Notifications in Device Management Console

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There has been some confusion recently regarding how to set up automatic email notifications for the imagePROGRAF PRO / TX / TM Series devices.

The Device Management Console (DMC) provides status for up to 50 imagePROGRAF PRO, TX, and TM series printers. DMC reports information such as remaining ink and paper levels and error codes across multiple networked printers providing system administrators with one central location from which multiple networked printers can be managed.




• Add printers
• Review calibration status
• Set up email notifications on DMC status notifications.

Register Devices

Printers do not appear on the main screen at initial startup.
Devices must be registered on the console by selecting printer management icon. 

Add each device to the list by entering the IP address or connecting via USB.

Alarms can be set to indicate various notifications including ink error, maintenance cartridge being full, or other warnings and errors

Color Calibration Status

Run calibration and maintenance from the console for the managed systems. Calibration log history can be reviewed in the calibration tabs. You can check whether color calibration needs to be executed on the printers in the list.

From the printer list, select the printer for which you want to check the advisability of executing color calibration. Select Media Type

Setting Up Email Notifications

Once printers have been added to the printer status list within DMC, you can then configure the application to send email notifications of various events including:

• Ink warning
• Maintenance cartridge almost full
• General warning notification
• Ink error
• Maintenance cartridge full
• General error notification

Step 1: Establish SMTP communication within the mail server settings.  Click File> Notification Settings > Mail Server Settings.

In the mail settings dialogue box, enter the name of the SMTP server. In most cases the default port number (25) will be suitable. 

In most cases, these settings will suffice. Additional options are available to configure along with SMTP.

In circumstances when the SMTP server is reachable only through password authentication, log in credentials can be entered in the SMTP authentication portion of the dialogue box.

Once Mail Server Settings have been established, hit OK.

Step 2: Set notification conditions for scheduling and addressing email notifications.

In either the condition 1 or condition 2 tab, select notify by e-mail box.

Check the notify periodically to set the frequency of the email notifications.

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