How to configure an imagePROGRAF iPF670E connected to a Mac
Article ID: ART173769 | Date published: 02/28/2019 | Date last updated: 02/28/2019


How to setup an imagePROGRAF iPF670E connected directly to a Mac computer with an Ethernet (LAN) cable.


Part 1.  Configuring the IP Address on the printer.  The following describes how to configure the printer's IP address on the Control Panel.
  1. On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press ◀ or ▶ to select the Settings/Adj. tab ( ).

If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.

  1. Press the OK button.  The Set./Adj. Menu is displayed.
  2. Press or to select Interface Setup, and then press the OK button.
  3. Press or to select TCP/IP, and then press the OK button.
  4. Press or to select IPv4, and then press the OK button.
  5. Press or to select IPv4 Settings, and then press the OK button.
  6. Press or to select IP Address, and then press the OK button.
  7. After you press ◀ or ▶ to select the input field, numerical input is possible.
  8. Press the or button to enter the value.
Pressing the button increases the number by 1. The maximum value is 9, after which 0 is displayed.
Pressing the button decreases the number by 1. The minimum value is 0, after which 9 is displayed.
Hold down or to increase or decrease the value continuously.
Make sure the IP address you enter for the printer is not the same as any computer IP address in your

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to complete the settings, and then press the OK button.
11.  Press the Menu button.  If you have changed the settings, a confirmation message is displayed.  Press or to select Yes, and then press the OK button.

Be sure to complete step 11. This will activate the values you have entered.
If an error message is displayed, check the settings and correct any invalid values.

You can also specify the subnet mask and default gateway on the Control Panel.

Part 2.  Downloading and Installing the Printer Driver.  The below describes how to download and install the printer's driver software.

  1. Go to the Canon USA website
  2. Click Support and the Drivers and Downloads.

  3. Enter your model name and select it from the drop down window.  Click GO.

  4. Select the Drivers and Download Tab.  Click Select next to the Printer Driver File you want then Download.

  5. Click Download.  The file will be saved in your Download Folder.

  6. Find your file and click on it.
  7. It will open another folder.  Click imagePROGRAF Printer Driver. Pkg.

  8. Click Continue on next screen.

  9. Review the License Agreement and click Continue.

  10. Click Agree

  11. Enter your Password and click Install.

  12. If you are installing on OSX 10.14 you may get an information message about the driver needing to be updated.  Click OK to continue.

  13. When the driver installation is complete you will receive a message that the installation was successful.  Click Closed.

  14. On the next screen you will get a message asking you if you want to keep the file or move it to trash.  It is no longer needed so you can discard it.

  15. Next click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.
  16. Click Printers and Scanners icon.

  17. Click the + sign to add your printer.

  18. If you see your printer click on it to select it.  If not Click on IP icon at the top of the screen and enter the ip address you assigned to your printer.

  19. At the bottom of the screen you can change the name to iPF670e as shown above.
  20. In the Use box choose Select Software and then find your model.Use the iPF670
    (Cups) driver.  Click OK.

  21. Click Add shown in the illustration above.
  22. You should now be able to see your printer in the Printers List on your screen.