Changing the Metering Mode (EOS Rebel T7)
Article ID: ART173804 | Date published: 03/04/2019 | Date last updated: 03/04/2019


Changing the Metering Mode  (EOS Rebel T7)


Three methods (metering modes) to measure the subject’s brightness are provided. Normally, evaluative metering is recommended. In Basic Zone modes, metering mode is set automatically.
Select [Metering mode].
  • Under the [2] tab, select [Metering mode], then press .
Set the metering mode.
  • Select the desired metering mode, then press .
 Evaluative metering
General-purpose metering mode suited even for backlit subjects. The camera sets the 
exposure automatically to suit the scene.
 Partial metering
Effective where there are much brighter lights around the subject due to backlight, etc. The
gray area in the left figure is approximately where the brightness is metered to obtain the
standard exposure.
 Center-weighted average metering
The brightness is metered at the image center and then averaged for the entire scene. This
metering mode is for advanced users.

With (Evaluative metering), the exposure setting will be locked when you press the shutter button halfway and focus is achieved. In the  (Partial metering) and (Center-weighted average metering) modes, the exposure is set at the moment the picture is taken. (Pressing the shutter button halfway does not lock the exposure.)