EOS RP Error Codes

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EOS RP Error Codes


Error  Codes 

If there is a problem with the camera, an error message will appear. Follow the onscreen instructions.

   (1)   Error number
   (2)   Cause and countermeasures
Number Error Message and Solution
01 Communication between the devices is faulty. Check the camera, lens, or mount adapter contacts.
  Clean the electrical contacts on the camera, lens, and mount adapter, use a Canon lens, or reinstall the battery.
02 Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format card with camera.
  Remove and insert the card again, replace the card, or format the card.
04 Cannot save images because card is full. Replace card.
  Replace the card, erase unnecessary images, or format the card.
06 Sensor cleaning could not be performed. Turn the camera off and on again.
  Operate the power switch.
07, 10
20, 30
40, 50
60, 70
An error prevented shooting. Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery.
  Operate the power switch, remove and install the battery again, or use a Canon lens.
*  If the error message still persists after following the above instructions, write down the error code number and contact your nearest Canon Service Center.

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