Colortrac T36 Scanner Operation Errors
Article ID: ART173900 | Date published: 03/22/2019 | Date last updated: 03/22/2019


Colortrac T36 Scanner Operation Errors.


Document does not feed correctly.

  • The document is not fed straight into the scanner. Hold the original document with two hands and feed into the scanner until you feel equal resistance on both sides from the feed rollers. If the document is not straight, rewind the original and try again. Load the document into the center of the scanner.
  • If the document is rolled or creased, try to smooth out before inserting into the scanner.
  • Place the Paper Edge Guides either side of the document to help align and guide the document.
  • Check that the scanner is closed properly, with both latches clicked into place on the lower click.  
Open and close the scanner's lid
The scanner closes in 2 stages.  The first click should be used when the scanner is not in use as it puts less pressure on the foam hold-up roller, and prevents it forming a flat spot if left for a long period without turning.  The second click is for normal scanning use.

  • Document is the wrong size for the scanner. Make sure the document is within the specification allowed for the scanner.

Scanner LED is not on

  • There is no power to the scanner. Check the scanner is switched on, the mains power is on, the power cable is connected correctly to the power adapter and the power adapter cable is connected correctly to the scanner.

The scanner LED flashes Orange when powered on.

  • The scanner lid is open. Check that the scanner is closed properly, with both latches clicked into place on the lower click. See Open and close the scanner's lid (above).

Scan or copy is blank.

  • Make sure the original document if fed face up and into the center of the scanner.

Scan to USB does not work

  • Ensure the USB memory stick has been formatted and has enough free space for the scan. A lower Scan Quality mode require less space.

No Copy output

  • The printer must be on-line and ready to print.

Document stops and starts during the scanning process

  • The scanner is going too fast for the amount of data and processing required. This may be seen with wider documents in higher quality modes with data processing such as Sharpening enabled. This is not necessarily a problem, but if preferred, the scan speed can be slowed down to provide a smoother scan process. See Scanner info and settings

    Scanner info and settings

    The status of the scanner is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and selecting the "i" will provide more settings. It provides access to scanner maintenance task: Calibrate and Auto-Stitch.

    You can select whether the document is ejected out of the rear of the scanner after scanning, or rewound to be ejected out of the front of the scanner.

    Scan speed can be adjusted as follows: 100% = full speed, 50% = ½ speed, 33% = 1/3 speed, 25 = ¼ speed. Use slower speeds to scan delicate documents or to prevent Stop/Start scanning.

    The power save time defines how long with no activity before the scanner goes into its energy saving sleep mode. The default is 15 minutes. The maximum is 240 minutes.