Colortrac T36 Image Quality Issues

Article ID: ART173901 | Date published: 03/22/2019 | Date last updated: 03/22/2019


Troubleshooting image quality issues.


Image Quality

  • The following scanned image shows possible image errors and the actions required to resolve them.


  • Cleaning the scanner will remove most vertical lines.

    Cleaning the scanner

Under the lid, clean the scan glass and pinch wheel. You can freely rotate the pinch wheels to be able to clean all sides.

In the lower chassis clean the hold-up roller and all the drive wheels. Pushing on one of the drive rollers will rotate all drive rollers and the hold-up roller, enabling access to clean all sides.


  • Also check to ensure there are no scratches on the scan glass. A scratched scan glass should be replaced.


  • Calibrating the scanner will remove the streaking and clean up the white background.  Calibration adjusts the optical sensitivity of each pixel in the sensor to give the correct levels of black and white.

See Calibrate the scanner below

Calibrate the scanner

Ensure the scanner is cleaned before the Calibration is performed. Calibrating a dirty scanner can introduce more problems.
Remove the Document Return Guides.


From the Home screen, select the scanner "i" in the bottom left hand corner.

Press Calibrate.

Insert the calibration target into the scanner black end first face up. Press OK.