Loading Paper in the IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer

Article ID: ART173928 | Date published: 03/28/2019 | Date last updated: 04/03/2019


Load CANON ZINK™ paper


  1. Remove the  cover by sliding it forward in the direction of the arrow.

  2. Open a single pouch of photo paper (10 sheets + blue SMARTSHEET™).

  3. Place all 10 photo paper sheets and the one SMARTSHEET™ into the photo paper compartment.
    Stack the photo paper on top of the blue SMARTSHEET™, making sure the blue barcode and the photo paper logos are facing down.

  4. Place the top cover back onto the device. It should click into place when closed properly. − The blue SMARTSHEET™ will be sent through the device automatically before the first print.

    Only load 10 ZINK™ photo paper sheets and 1 SMARTSHEET™. Do not load more as it can result in paper jams or printing errors.
    For optimal print results, use ZINK™ photo paper for Canon printers.
    You may purchase additional photo papers within the Canon Mini Print App by tapping "Buy Paper" in the main menu.
    If there is a paper jam, simply turn the printer OFF and ON to automatically clear the paper jam. Don’t try to pull the paper out.
    While the printer is printing, don’t pull or tug on the photo paper.
    Handle photo paper carefully to avoid damage or bending.
    Keep the photo paper clean when loading. If paper is dirty or damaged it may result in a paper or print error.
    Don’t open a new pouch of photo paper until you are ready to load into your printer.
    Don’t expose photo paper to direct sunlight or moisture.Don’t leave your photo paper in an area where the temperature or humidity is out of the suggested conditions indicated on the pouch. It may reduce the quality of the printed photo.

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