Setting up a Windows PC with no DVD-ROM Drive to Use the Printer via Ethernet - MX922

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If your Windows PC does not have a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive, this article will help you in setting up the computer to work with your PIXMA MX922 via ethernet.



If your Windows PC does not have a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive, you can download drivers and software from the Canon USA website to set up the computer to work with your PIXMA MX922 via ethernet.  Follow the steps below to connect your printer to a wired LAN.  Then, you will need to download the necessary drivers and software for your PC to work with the printer.

  • If your PIXMA MX922 is already connected to your network, click here for instructions on downloading and installing the necessary software to get your PC to communicate with the printer.
  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the printer and your router.
  2. Press the Menu button on the printer.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Setup.  Then, press OK.

  4. Use the arrows to select Device settings.  Press OK.

  5. Use the arrows to select LAN settings.  Press OK.

  6. Change wireless/wired will be highlighted.  Press OK.

  7. Use the arrows to select Wired LAN active.  Press OK.

    The printer will process for a few moments.

    The printer will then communicate across the network via ethernet.

Downloading and Installing the Software

After your printer has been connected to the network, the drivers and software need to be downloaded and installed.  Follow the steps below to download and install the necessary drivers and software.
  1. Click here to go to the PIXMA MX922 support page.  The version of Windows installed on your computer will be automatically detected.  If the website does not detect which version is installed on your computer, select it from the Operating System drop down menu.
  2. In the Drivers section of Drivers & Downloads, you will need to download and install the MX920 Series MP Driver (this includes the Canon IJ Scan Utility).

    Click the Select button to the right of the MP Drivers.  Then, click Download.  If you are prompted to Run or Save the file, save it to your computer.

    NOTE: The XPS driver is not required.  If you wish to install it, you must have the MP Drivers installed first.
  3. After downloading the MP Drivers, double click the file to open it.

    NOTE: If you receive a prompt asking for permission to run the file after you double click it, click the appropriate affirmative option (YesContinue, etc.).
  4. When the driver installer begins, click Next.

  5. Select your place of residence.  Then, click Next.

  6. Read through the License Agreement.  Click Yes to continue.  If you click No, the drivers will not be installed.

    The driver installation will begin.

  7. When the Connection method window appears, select Use the printer with wired LAN connection.  Then, click Next.

    The installer will search for the printer on the network.

  8. The Detected Printers List window will appear.  Click on your printer in the window to highlight it.  Then, click Next.

    NOTE: If your printer is not detected, click here.

    The driver installation will continue.

  9. The Setup Completion window will appear.  Click Complete to close the installer.

The printer is now ready for use from your Windows PC.

What if my printer is not detected on the network?

If your printer is not detected during the installation process, check the following:
  • If you have a firewall enabled, you may need to temporarily disable the firewall so that the computer can find the printer during the installation.  If you do not want to disable your firewall, there are exceptions that need to be added to the firewall.  Click here for a list of ports and applications to add as exceptions to your firewall.  Please contact your firewall vendor for instructions on adding these exceptions.

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