Installing and Removing the Memory Card From the EOS 1Dx

Article ID: ART174001 | Date published: 04/12/2019 | Date last updated: 04/12/2019


Please see the following procedure to install and remove the memory card form the EOS 1Dx.


You can insert up to two cards. Images can be recorded when at least one card is installed in either slot in the camere.
If you insert two cards, you can select which card to record images to or record images silmultaneously on both cards.

Installing the card

1. Open the cover.

  • Flip out and turn the cover release handle, and open the cover as shown by the arrows.

2. Insert the card.

  • The card inserted in the left slot will be , and the card inserted in the right slot will be .
  • As shown by the illustration, face the label side toward you and insert the end with the small holes into the camere.
    If the card is inserted in the wrong way, it may damage the camera.
  • The card ejection button will stick out.

3. Close the cover.

  • Press the cover until it snaps shut.

4. Set the power switch it <ON>.

  • The number of remaining shots will be displayed on the top LCD panel and in the viewfinder.
  • The rear LCD panel will indicate which card(s) have been installed. The images will be recorded to the card with the <> arror next to the respective card's indicator.

Removing the card

1. Open the cover.

  • Set the power switch to <OFF>.
  • Make sure that the access lamp is off, and then open the cover.
  • If [Reocrding...] is displayed, close the cover.

2. Remove the card.

  • Push the eject button to eject the card.
  • Pull the card straight out, then close the cover.

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