Using the two-step shutter button on the EOS 5D

Article ID: ART174031 | Date published: 04/24/2019 | Date last updated: 04/24/2019


Using the two-step shutter button on the EOS 5D


The shutter button has two steps. You can press the shutter button halfway. Then you can further press the shutter button completely.

Pressing halfway

This activates autofocusing (AF) and automatic exposure (AE) that sets the shutter speed and aperture.
The exposure setting (shutter speed and aperture) is displayed on the top LCD panel and in the viewfinder. ()

Pressing completely

This releases the shutter and takes the puicture.
  • If you press the shutter button halfway and () elapse, you must press it halfway again and wait a moment before pressing it completely to take a picture. If you press the shutter button completely without pressing it halfway first or if you press the shutter button halfway and then press it completely immediately, the camera will take a moment before it takes the picture.
  • No matter what state the camera is in (image playback, menu operation, image recording, etc.), you can return to shooting instantly just by pressing the shutter button halfway (except during direct printing).
  • Camera movement during the moment of exposure is called camera shake. Camera shake can cause blurred pictures. To prevent camera shake, note the advice below.
    • Hold camera steady.
    • Put your finger tip on the shutter button, hold the camera with your right hand, then press the shutter button gently.

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