Installing and removing the battery on the EOS 70D

Article ID: ART174082 | Date published: 04/26/2019 | Date last updated: 04/26/2019


Installing and removing the battery on the EOS 70D


Load a fully charged Battery Pack LP-E6 (or LP-E6N) into the camera.
The camera's viewfinder becomes bright when a battery is installed, and darkens when the battery is removed.

Installing the battery.

1. Open the cover.

  • Slide the lever as shown by the arrows and open the cover.

2. Insert the battery.

  • Insert the end with the battery contacts.
  • Insert the battery until it locks in place.

3. Close the cover.

  • Press the cover until it snaps shut.
  Only Battery Pack LP-E6/LP-E6N can be used.
Removing the battery

Open the cover and remove the battery.

  • Press the battery lock lever as shown by the arrow and remove the battery.
  • To prevent short circuiting of the battery contacts, be sure to attach the provided protective cover to the battery.

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