Erasing images on the EOS 77D

Article ID: ART174086 | Date published: 04/26/2019 | Date last updated: 04/26/2019


Erasing images on the EOS 77D


You can either select and erase unnecessary images one by one or erase them in one batch. Protected images will not be erased.
  Once an image is erased, it cannot be recovered. Make sure you no longer need the image before erasing it. To prevent important images from being erased accidentally, protect them. Erasing a RAW+JPEG image will erase both the RAW and JPEG images.

Erasing a single image.

1. Play back the image to be erased.
2. Press the <> button.

  • The Erase menu will appear.

3. Erase the image.

  • Select [Erase], then press <>. The image displayed will be erased.

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