Installing and removing the CF card on the EOS 7D

Article ID: ART174090 | Date published: 04/26/2019 | Date last updated: 04/26/2019


Installing and removing the CF card on the EOS 7D


Although the thickness is different between the two types of CF (CompactFlash) cards, the camera is compatible with both types. It is also compatible with Ultra DMA (UDMA) cards and hard disk-type cards.

Installing the card

1. Open the cover.

  • Slide the cover as shown by the arrows to open it.

2. Insert the card.

  • As shown by the illustration, face the card's label side toward you and insert it until it clicks in place.

3. Close the cover.

  • Close the cover and slide it in the direction shown by the arrows until it snaps shut.
  • When you set the power switch to <ON>, the number of possible shots will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

Removing the card

1. Open the cover.

  • Set the power switch to <OFF>.
  • Make sure the access lamp is off, then open the cover.

2. Remove the card.

  • Press the card ejection button.
  • The card will come out.
  • Close the cover.

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