Formatting the card on the EOS Digital Rebel XT

Article ID: ART174109 | Date published: 04/26/2019 | Date last updated: 04/26/2019


Formatting the card on the EOS Digital Rebel XT


Formatting the card
Format the CF card before using it in the camera.
 Formatting a CF card will erase everything in the card. It will also erase any protected images, so make sure the card has nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer the images to a personal computer before formatting the card.

1. Select [Format].

  • Select the [1] tab.
  • ​Press the <> key to select [Format], then press <>.
  • The confirmation dialog will appear.

2. Format the CF card.

  • Press the <> key to select [OK], then press <>.
  • The CF card will be formatted (initialized).
  • When the formatting is completed, the menu will appear.

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