Installing and removing the card on the EOS R

Article ID: ART174120 | Date published: 04/29/2019 | Date last updated: 04/29/2019


Installing and removing the card on the EOS R


The captured images are recorded onto the card.


1.Slide the cover to open it.

2. Insert the card.

  • As shown by the illustration, face the card's label side toward you and insert it until it clicks in place.

3. Close the cover.

  • Close the cover and slide it in the direction shown by the arrow until it snaps shut.


1. Open the cover.

  • Set the power switch to <OFF>.
  • Check that the access lamp (1) is off, then open the cover.
  • If [Saving...] is diaplayed on the screen, close the cover.

2. Remove the card.

  • Gently push in the card, then let it go to eject.
  • Pull the card straight out, then close the cover.

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