Port Exceptions - Security & firewall settings (port exceptions) which enable your computer to communicate with your printer

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Learn which ports and programs are necessary for your computer and printer to communicate with each other. Making sure that they're not blocked by security or firewall programs will help enable your printing and scanning to work correctly.


Blocked ports

Having trouble printing? Maybe your security or firewall software is restricting data traffic through an essential port.

The following ports are necessary for your printer to function properly. Unblock these ports in your security and firewall applications.



 TCP 80 

 For HTTP communication

 TCP / UDP 161 

 For SNMP communication (MAXIFY Printers)

 TCP / UDP 162 

 For SNMP communication (MAXIFY Printers)

 TCP 443

 For HTTPS communication such as cable-less setup operation (Applicable models only)

 This port is also used by printers subscribed to the Auto Replenishment Service.

 TCP / UDP 515

 For printing using LPR protocol

 TCP / UDP 9100

 For printing using Raw protocol

 TCP / UDP 1900

 For Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) operation

 TCP / UDP 5222

 For Google Cloud Print and PIXMA Cloud Link

 TCP / UDP 5357

 For acquiring the printer information (WSDAPI)

 TCP / UDP 8611

 Canon BJNP port for printing

 TCP / UDP 8612

 Canon BJNP port for scanning (Applicable models only)

 TCP / UDP 8613

 Canon BJNP port for sending and receiving faxes from the PC (Applicable models only)

 TCP 8883

 For MQTT communication, such as for printers enrolled in the PIXMA Print Plan

 UDP 3702

 (Windows 7 / Windows Vista)

The ports listed below apply only to models with memory card slots

 TCP / UDP 137

 Memory card

 TCP / UDP 138

 Memory card

 TCP / UDP 139

 Memory card


Blocked programs

Having trouble installing or running a program? Maybe your security or firewall software is blocking it.
The following software programs are used with your Canon printer. Check the settings of your security and firewall applications and make sure these programs are not being prevented from running or installing.


 Default location

 IJ Network Tool


  c:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\Canon IJ Network Tool\CNMNPUT.EXE


 /library/printers/canon/bjprinter/utilities/canon ij network tool.app

 IJ Network Scan Utility


 c:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\Canon IJ Network Scan Utilityl\CNMNSUT.EXE


 /library/printers/canon/bjprinter/utilities/canon ij network scan utility.app

 IJ Network Scanner Selector  




 /library/printers/canon/ijscanner/utilities/canon ij network scanner selector2.app

 MP Navigator EX


 C:\Program Files\Canon\MP Navigator EX**\ mpnex**.exe (** refers to version number)


 /application/canon utilities/mp navigator.app

 My Image Garden


 C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\My Image Garden\cnmigmain.exe


 /applications/canon utilities/my image garden.app

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