Aligning the Print Head from the Operation Panel - iP110

Article ID: ART174343 | Date published: 05/15/2019 | Date last updated: 05/15/2019


This article explains how to align the PIXMA iP110 print head from its operation panel.



If printed ruled lines are misaligned or print results are otherwise unsatisfactory, adjust the print head position.


  • If the remaining ink level is low, the print head alignment sheet will not be printed correctly. Replace the ink tank whose ink is low.
  • If you run out of the supplied paper (Matte Photo Paper MP-101) or the specified Canon genuine paper is not immediately available or obtainable, you can use plain paper and adjust the print head position manually from a computer.

You need to prepare: a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized Matte Photo Paper MP-101

  1. Make sure that the power is turned on.

  2. Load a sheet of supplied paper or A4 or Letter-sized Matte Photo Paper MP-101 in the rear tray.

    Load the paper WITH THE PRINT SIDE (WHITER SIDE) FACING YOU in the rear tray.

  3. Set the paper thickness lever to the right.

  4. Hold down the RESUME / CANCEL button until the POWER lamp flashes four times, then release it immediately.

    The print head alignment sheet will be printed and the print head position will be adjusted automatically.

    Do not perform any other operations until the printer completes the printing of the print head alignment sheet. This takes about 4 minutes.


  • If the automatic adjustment of the print head position has failed, the Alarm lamp flashes.


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