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This article shows how to use the operation panel of the PIXMA G6020 to enter letters, numbers, and symbols.


The buttons on the operation panel allow you to enter (or change) characters, numbers, or symbols when setting up the network or making other settings.


Switching the Input Mode

The current input mode appears at the upper right corner of the LCD.

Pressing the Setup  button on the operation panel toggles through the input modes in the order lowercase > uppercase > numeric > symbols, showing the first available character.

The following shows available characters in each mode.

Mode Available characters
Lowercase abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz SP
Numeric 1234567890 SP
Symbols . @ - _ SP Asterisk# ! " , ; : ^ ` = / | ' ? $ % & + ( ) [ ] { } < > \ ~
  • SP: Indicates a space.

 Only the input modes or characters available for input appear in their respective screens.


Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

Use the left right button to select a character and press the OK button to enter it.

When input of all characters is complete, hold down the OK button. When a confirmation message appears, select Yes and press the OK button.

  • To insert a space

    Switch to the lowercase, uppercase, or numeric mode, and then press the left button once. Alternatively switch to the symbol mode and then press the right button four times.

  • To delete the last entered character

    Press the Back  button. You can only delete the last entered character.

 To terminate character entry, press the Stop  button. When a confirmation message appears, select Yes and press the OK button.

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