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Printable Area


Print Area

To maintain print quality, the printer leaves a margin around the edges of paper. The printable area is inside this margin.

Printable area  : You can print in this area.


  • With performing Automatic Duplex Printing, the printable area will be 0.08 in. (2 mm) smaller at the top margin.

  • When performing Borderless Printing, select Amount of extension in Print settings of Device settings to specify the amount of images that extends off the paper.

  • By selecting Borderless Printing option, you can make prints with no margins.

  • When performing Borderless Printing, slight cropping may occur at the edges since the printed image is enlarged to fill the whole page.

  • For Borderless Printing, use the following paper:

    • Canon Red Label Superior <WOP111>

    • Canon Océ Office Colour Paper <SAT213>

    • Photo Paper Pro Platinum <PT-101>

    • Glossy Photo Paper "Everyday Use" <GP-501/GP-508>

    • Photo Paper Glossy <GP-701>

    • Photo Paper Plus Glossy II <PP-201/PP-208/PP-301>

    • Photo Paper Pro Luster <LU-101>

    • Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss <SG-201>

    • Matte Photo Paper <MP-101>

    • Photo Stickers (16 stickers per sheet) <PS-108>

    • Photo Stickers (Free Cutting) <PS-208>

    • Photo Stickers (Variety Pack) <PS-808>

    • Restickable Photo Paper <RP-101>

    • Removable Photo Stickers <PS-308R>

    • Magnetic Photo Paper <MG-101/PS-508>

    • Greeting Card

    Performing Borderless Printing on any other type of paper may substantially reduce printing quality and/or result in printouts with altered color hues.

    Borderless Printing on plain paper may result in printouts with reduced quality. Use them only for test printing. Borderless Printing onto plain paper from a PictBridge (Wi-Fi) compliant device is not supported.

  • Borderless Printing is not available for legal, A5, B5 or 7 x 10 sized paper, or envelopes.

  • Depending on the type of paper, Borderless Printing may reduce the print quality at the top and bottom edges of the paper or cause these parts to become smudged.

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