Shift Knob Cap on the TS-E lenses

Article ID: ART174532 | Date published: 05/28/2019 | Date last updated: 05/29/2019


Shift Knob Cap on the TS-E lenses


Shift Knob Cap

Shifting will be easier if the supplied shift knob cap is mounted.
However, note that for EOS cameras with a built-in flash, the cap may come in contact with the camera when mounting/detaching the lens, shifting the lens, or turning the lens for rotation.

  • Be sure to fix the cap in place using the supplied screw (length: 3 mm).
  • The removed screw (length: 2.2 mm) cannot be used to fix the cap in place. Store the removed screw, as it will be required when not using the cap.
  • Use a precision screwdriver (Phillips).
  • Do not turn the shift knob forcefully. This may cause malfunction.

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