Using drop-in filters on the EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM lens

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Using drop-in filters on the EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM lens


Drop-In Filters

A 52(WIII)-series Canon drop-in filter can be used with the lens.
Detaching Drop-In Filters
To detach a drop-in filter, press in both lock buttons and pull the filter holder straight out of the slot.
Attaching Drop-In Filters
To attach a drop-in filter, push the filter holder straight down into the slot until it clicks into place. The filter holder can be attached facing either forwards or backwards.
A Drop-In Screw-Type Filter Holder 52(WIII) and Canon PROTECT filter are included with the lens.
Before using a commercially available lens filter, first detach the PROTECT filter. The filter size is 52 mm, and only one filter can be used.
  • Because the lens optics are designed to include a filter, you must always attach either a Canon PROTECT filter or a commercially available filter before attaching a Drop-In Screw-Type Filter Holder.
  • Note that filter frame thickness may prevent some commercially available lens filters from being used.
  • The Drop-In Gelatin Filter Holder 52(WIII) and Drop-In Circular Polarizing Filter PL-C52(WIII) are also available (sold separately).
  • The 52/52(WII)-series drop-in filters can also be used. However, their exterior color is different than the lens body.

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