Onscreen Displays on the HOME Screen of EOS C700 models

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This provides an overview of the information that is provided on the HOME Screen of the EOS C700 models.


Onscreen Displays on the HOME Screen

Refer to this overview for an explanation of the various controls and onscreen displays on the HOME screen, which appears on the camera's control display.

Screen buttons
Icon/Display Description
000.00, 000 Frame rate
  • When slow & fast motion recording is activated, the shooting frame rate is displayed as an integer instead.
F0.0 / F00, T0.0 / T00, closed
00 stops
Aperture value and ND filter setting.
000.00°, 1/0000, 000.00Hz Shutter speed
000000, 00.0 dB ISO speed/Gain
Canon Log 3, Canon Log 2, Canon Log, Wide DR, Normal 1 to Normal 4 [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file.
C.Gamut, BT.2020, DCI-P3, BT.709 [Color Space] setting in the custom picture file.
, 0000±0 White balance

Information area (by groups, from left to right, top to bottom)
Icon/Display Description
TC 00:00:00:00, TC 00:00:00:00 Time code
  • Depending on the operation, a letter may appear after the time code.
Recording operation:
Clip recording: record standby, recording.
Slow & fast motion recording: record standby, recording.
Output recording command: in white - record standby, in red - recording.
Double slot recording.
Network connection status.
Recording media status for the main recording ([Main]) and sub recording ([Sub])
Recording media: in green - can record; in white - reading the recording media; in yellow* - the recording media is almost full. The CFast card selected for recording is indicated with a  mark.
No recording media or cannot record on the recording media.
0000x0000 Resolution.
00.00P, 00.00i Frame rate.
XF-AVC(YCC), XF-AVC(RGB), ProRes(YCC), ProRes(RGB), RAW Main recording format.
Audio level indicators CH1 to CH4.
Audio limiter.
REEL A000 Camera index/reel number.
CLIP C000 Clip number
DC IN 00.0V, BATT 00.0V
Power supply voltage (DC IN and battery): in red - low power warning. : Appears when the power supply is connected to the CDX-36150 Recorder.
  • The power source currently in use is indicated with a  mark.
  • The percentage is displayed only when using a battery compatible with BMS (battery management system).
Key lock.
Temperature warning.
The INFO icon appears when there is an important notice or error message in the INFO  [LIVE] screen.
GPS signal: continuously on - satellite signal acquired; flashing - satellite signal not acquired.
  • Displayed only when an optional GP-E1 GPS Receiver is connected to the camera.
Photo recorded or no photo can be recorded.

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