Adjusting the Focus on EOS C700 models

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Depending on the lens used, the camera offers several ways to focus and incorporates Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for advanced autofocus performance. Find details for focusing here.


Adjusting the Focus

Manual focus: Turn the focus ring on the lens to adjust the focus. The camera offers several focus assistance functions to help you focus more accurately when using the manual focus.

One-shot AF*: with the lens's focus mode switch set to AF, you will be able to focus manually but still have the option to press the ONE-SHOT AF button to let the camera focus automatically once on the subject inside the AF frame.

AF-Boosted MF*: Focus manually most of the way and let the camera finish focusing automatically.

Continuous AF*: The camera continuously focuses on the subject inside the AF frame. You can use the AF lock function to change the composition of the picture while keeping the focus on the selected spot.

Face AF*: The camera automatically detects a person's face, focuses on it and can track it if that person moves.

Tracking*: After you select a subject, the camera keeps focusing it and tracks the subject if it moves.

C700 C700 FF only. Not available when a manual focus lens is attached to the camera.

Focusing methods and required settings
Focusing method Focus mode switch
on an EF lens1
AF mode2
Manual focus Focus ring MF ---
AF3 [One Shot]
Browser Remote AF
One-shot AF ONE-SHOT AF button AF [One Shot]
Browser Remote
AF-Boosted Focus ring →
Camera (automatic)
AF [AF-Boosted MF]
Browser Remote →
Camera (automatic)
Continuous AF Automatic
(camera or Browser Remote)
AF [Continuous]
Face AF4/Tracking5 Camera or Browser Remote AF ---
1 For the necessary settings on compatible EF Cinema lenses and broadcast lenses, see the table below.
2 ALT  [AF]  [OPTIONS]  [AF Mode] setting.
3 Depending on the lens, the focus ring may be disabled when the focus mode switch is set to AF.
4 You can activate this mode with the ALT  [AF]  [FACE] setting.
5 You can activate this mode with the ALT  [AF]  [TRACKING] setting.

Required settings on EF Cinema lenses and broadcast lenses.
To adjust the focus from the camera, you will need to change the focus mode using the controls on the lens.
Required settings vary depending on the lens. Refer to the following table and the instruction manual of the lens used.
Lens Part used on the lens Setting for automatic
Setting for manual
CN7x17 KAS S/E1, CN7x17 KAS S/P1, CN20x50 IAS H/E1, CN20x50 IAS H/P1, compatible broadcast lenses Focus operation
change-over knob
CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S,
CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S
Autofocus/Manual Focus
change-over switch

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