Using the Waveform Monitor on an EOS C700 model
Article ID: ART174790 | Date published: 06/20/2019 | Date last updated: 06/20/2019


The camera can display a simplified waveform monitor on the monitoring screen. You can select one of 6 types of monitors and also adjust the waveform amplification.


Waveform Monitor

Displaying the Waveform Monitor

Press the WFM button
  • The waveform monitor window will appear at the right of the monitoring screen on external monitors connected to one of the MON. terminals or the HDMI OUT terminal.
  • You can also set MENU/EVF  [Assist. Functions]  [Waveform Monitor]  [VIDEO Output] and/or [MON.+HDMI Output] to [On] to display the waveform monitor on the respective monitoring devices.
  • Alternatively, you can press an assignable button set to [WFM: VIDEO] (optional viewfinder only), [WFM: MON.+HDMI] (external monitors only), or [Waveform Monitor] (all monitoring devices at once).
  • You can use the MENU/EVF  [Assist. Functions] ( [Waveform Monitor]  [Position] setting to select the position of the waveform monitor on the screen (left or right side).

Configuring the Waveform Monitor

  1. Open the waveform monitor's [Type] submenu.
    MENU/EVF  [Assist. Functions] ( [Waveform Monitor]  [Type]
  2. Select the desired option and then press SET.
    • If you selected [Select Line], continue the procedure to set the Y coordinate of the line you wish to display.
      ​Otherwise, skip to step 5 to change the gain.
  3. From the same submenu, select [Select Line] and then press SET.
  4. Enter the Y coordinate of the desired line using the keyboard screen.
    • While recording, when the vertical resolution (number of horizontal lines) is 1080, you can select a value between 0 and 1079 (1-line increments); when the vertical resolution is a value other than 1080, you can select a value between 0 and the <vertical resolution - 2> (2-line increments).
    • During playback, depending on the clip's resolution, you can select a value from one of the following ranges.
      0 to 1079 (1-line increments)
      0 to 2158 (2-line increments)
      0 to 3138 (2-line increments)*
      * C700 FF C700 FF PL only.
  5. From the same submenu select [Gain] and then press SET.
  6. Select the desired amplification ratio and then press SET.
    • If you selected [1x], the rest of the procedure is not necessary. If you selected [2x], the display range of the waveform monitor's Y axis will be reduced by half. Continue the procedure to select the minimum luminance value (in %) shown on the Y axis.
  7. From the same submenu select [Y Position] and then press SET.
  8. Select the desired percentage and then press SET.
[Line]: Sets the waveform monitor to line display mode.
[Line+Spot]: The waveform of the area in the red frame is displayed in red on top of the [Line] mode waveform.
[Select Line]: The selected horizontal line will be displayed along with its waveform.
[Field]: Sets the waveform monitor to field display mode.
[RGB]: Functions like an RGB parade scope.
[YPbPr]: Functions like a YPbPr parade scope.

  • The waveform monitor will not be affected even if a LUT is applied to the video output.
  • The waveform monitor cannot be displayed while magnification is activated.
  • If the [Knee] settings in the custom picture file were changed, a horizontal line will appear on the waveform monitor indicating the luminance (Y) level corresponding to the knee point.