Note on Using MicroSD Cards with the Cliq and Cliq+

Article ID: ART174818 | Date published: 07/01/2019 | Date last updated: 12/10/2019


This article contains important information on using your IVY Cliq or Cliq+ with a MicroSD card.



Your IVY Cliq or Cliq+ can have a MicroSD card inserted into it.  The card will allow you to save pictures that you have taken.

However, you must have paper loaded into your printer in order for an image to be saved to the MicroSD card.  The picture that you have taken will print, and it will also be saved to the MicroSD card.

If you do not have any ZINK paper loaded into the IVY Cliq or Cliq+, no image will be saved to the MicroSD card.  In addition to this, the LED will flash red and you will hear two low pitched beeps.

Load paper into your IVY Cliq or Cliq+ and take a picture again.


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