Establishing a Wi-Fi Connection When the Camera Is Off. (EOS Rebel SL3)

Article ID: ART174828 | Date published: 07/05/2019 | Date last updated: 07/08/2019


Even with the camera power switch set to <OFF>, as long as the camera is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can use the smartphone to connect via Wi-Fi.


Establishing a Wi-Fi Connection When the Camera Is Off


Select [Bluetooth settings].
  • Under the  tab, select [Bluetooth settings], then press <Set>.


Set [Stay conn. if off] to [Enable].


  • With the camera power switch set to <OFF>, tap [Images on camera] in the Camera Connect menu to start the Wi-Fi connection.
  • In iOS, tap [Join] when a message is displayed to confirm camera connection.
    Images on the camera are listed when the Wi-Fi conection is established.
  • You can use Camera Connect to save images to the smartphone or delete images on the camera.
  • To terminate the Wi-Fi connection, tap on  on the main Camera Connect screen.
  • This function can no longer be used if the wireless settings are reset or the smartphone connection information is erased.

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