Instructions for AirPlaying from a Mac to the Rayo S1 Mini projector

Article ID: ART174842 | Date published: 07/10/2019 | Date last updated: 07/10/2019


Although not included in the instruction manual for the Rayo S1 Mini projector, the projector can support AirPlaying from a Mac computer. Included here are the steps to take to set up AirPlaying from a Mac to the Rayo S1 Mini pojector.


AirPlaying from a Macintosh computer to the Rayo S1 Mini projector

Follow the steps below to set up AirPlay from a Mac computer to the Rayo S1 Mini projector.
  1. Start by connecting the Rayo S1 Mini to the home network.
  2. After the Rayo is connected to the home network, leave it conected as it is.
  3. Now on the Mac, go to your Wi-Fi list and find the MINI-XX network name that should be broadcasting automatically.
  4. Select the MINI-XX network name to connect the computer to this MINI-XX network.
  5. Next, from the projector's Home Screen, click the green Sharing button.
  6. Finally, on the Mac to the right of the Wi-Fi icon should be a rectangle with an arrow at the bottom of it. Click this, make sure AirPlay is turned on, and you should see the MINI-XX name here.
  7. Click on it to begin screen sharing.
  8. If the MINI-XX name isnt appearing, try doing a factory reset on the projector. If the MINI-XX name still isn't broadcasting, or the device connects then disconnects, contact Canon Support as the unit may require exchange.

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