Support Code 168A Appears (FINE Cartridge is Not Installed) - TS3320

Article ID: ART174897 | Date published: 08/13/2019 | Date last updated: 08/13/2019


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Possible causes include the following.

  • FINE cartridge is not installed or may not be installed properly.
  • FINE cartridge incompatible with this printer is installed.

What to Do

If FINE cartridges are not installed, install the appropriate FINE cartridges properly.

If FINE cartridges are already installed, store the output tray extension and the paper output tray, open the cover, and then remove the FINE cartridges.

Make sure that the FINE cartridges are compatible with this printer.

Then install the FINE cartridges again.

Push up the FINE cartridge until it clicks into place.


After installing, close the cover.


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