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How much paper can I put into the printer?



This section shows the paper load limits of the rear tray, the cassette, and the paper output tray.



  • Page sizes and media types differ depending on the country or region where the paper is sold. For details on page sizes and media types, access the Canon website.


Paper Load Limits of Rear Tray and Cassette

Genuine Canon Paper

Paper for printing documents:

Media Name <Model No.> Rear Tray Cassette
Canon Red Label Superior <WOP111> A4: Approx. 100 sheets A4: Approx. 100 sheets
Canon Océ Office Colour Paper <SAT213> A4: Approx. 80 sheets A4: Approx. 80 sheets
High Resolution Paper <HR-101N>*1 A4, B5, Letter: Approx. 80 sheets N/A

Paper for printing photos:

Media Name <Model No.> Rear Tray

Photo Paper Pro Platinum <PT-101>*2

Glossy Photo Paper "Everyday Use" <GP-501/GP-508>*2

Photo Paper Glossy <GP-701>*2

Photo Paper Plus Glossy II <PP-201/PP-208/PP-301>*2

Photo Paper Pro Luster <LU-101>*2

Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss <SG-201>*2

Matte Photo Paper <MP-101>

A4, Letter, 5"x7"(13x18cm), 8"x10"(20x25cm), 2L(127x178mm): 10 sheets

KG/4"x6"(10x15), L(89x127mm), Square 3.5", Square 5", Hagaki: 20 sheets


Paper for making original goods:

Media Name <Model No.> Rear Tray

Photo Stickers (16 stickers per sheet) <PS-108>

Photo Stickers (Free Cutting) <PS-208>

Photo Stickers (Variety Pack) <PS-808>

Restickable Photo Paper <RP-101>

Removable Photo Stickers <PS-308R>

Magnetic Photo Paper <MG-101/PS-508>

Light Fabric Iron-on Transfers <LF-101>

Dark Fabric Iron-on Transfers <DF-101>

Double sided Matte Paper <MP-101D>

1 sheet

Paper other than Genuine Canon Paper

Common Name Rear Tray Cassette
Plain Paper (including recycled paper)*1 Approx. 100 sheets (Legal: 10 sheets) Approx. 100 sheets
Envelopes 10 envelopes N/A
T-Shirt Transfers A4: 1 sheet N/A
Greeting Card Letter, 7"x10"(18x25cm): 1 sheet N/A
Card Stock A4, Letter: 1 sheet N/A

  • *1 Normal feeding at maximum capacity may not be possible with some types of paper, or under very high or low temperature or humidity. In this case, load half the amount of paper or less.

  • *2 Feeding from a loaded stack of paper may leave marks on the printed side or prevent efficient feeding. In this case, load one sheet at a time.


Paper Load Limit of Paper Output Tray

Genuine Canon Paper

Paper for printing documents:

Media Name <Model No.> Paper Output Tray

Canon Red Label Superior <WOP111>

Canon Océ Office Colour Paper <SAT213>

High Resolution Paper <HR-101N>

Approx. 50 sheets

Paper other than Genuine Canon Paper

Common Name Paper Output Tray
Plain Paper (including recycled paper) Approx. 50 sheets (Legal: 10 sheets)

When continuing printing with paper other than the above, we recommend removing already printed paper from the paper output tray to avoid smearing or discoloration.


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