Easy Wireless Setup With Windows - PIXMA TS3320, TS3322

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Use Easy Wireless Connect to establish the connection to your network


Wireless Setup - Windows** Computers

**Instructions in this article are for setup on a Windows computer.  If setting up on a Mac, click here for instructions

To be able to use the PIXMA TS series printer to print or scan wirelessly on a Windows computer, the printer must first be connected to the wireless network. Then, drivers and applications must be installed on the computer.  The instructions /  screenshots  below show the setup program steps when using the Easy wireless connect method to connect to the wireless network.

The setup process consists of 2 parts: 

  1. Starting Easy wireless connect on the printer, and

  2. Downloading and running the setup file to install the drivers and software.


Start Easy wireless connect on the printer.

Prior to starting setup on the computer, start the Easy wireless connect process on the printer. Then complete the setup on the computer. 
See the procedure below to start the Easy wireless connect.

  1. Press and hold the Direct button (A) on the printer, and then release the button when Direct icon(B) flashes.

    figure: Press and hold the Direct button and the Direct icon flashes

  2. Make sure Network status icon and the horizontal bars (C) flash as shown in the illustration below.

    figure: Network status icon and the lower two horizontal bars flash

Download and run the setup file.*

Get the Setup File

  1. Run the setup file and click Start Setup.

  1. Read the network security notice and click Next.

  2. Read the license agreement. Select Yes to continue.  If you click No, the installation will not continue.

  3. Select Agree or Do Not Agree to the information request.

  4. This message appears if you selected "Do not agree"

  5. Select Yes to confirm the connection method.

  6. ** Depending on your network setup, the following screens may appear.  Be sure to select an SSID (network) in the dropdown list running on the 2.4Ghz frequency. If not sure, check with your router's documentation.  After selecting the SSID, enter the password in the next screen

  7. Connection is completed, click Next.

     If your printer is not detected, you may need to temporarily disable any security software, or, if you don't want to do that, you may need to open up ports that the printer uses for network communcation. Please refer to the documentation for your security software for information on how to open these ports.

  8. Click Next.

  9. If you wish to download and install any additional software,  click Continue online.

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