Print from Your Android Smartphone

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Use Canon Print Service or Mopria to print from an Android device


Print Documents from Your Smartphone (Android)

Quickly print information such as e-mails, web pages, coupons or maps directly from your smartphone. If your smartphone does not have native printing support, you can use Mopria Print Service or Canon Print Service to enable printing.

Recommended Use

  • Basic printing of documents or web pages directly from your smartphone.
  • Print documents stored in the cloud from your smartphone!
  • Print important e-mails instantly!
  • Print coupons, maps, and other information from web pages!
  • Mark important points when studying for exams!
    Print interesting pages quickly before going to work and make use of your time on the train!

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • Mopria® Print Service or  Canon Print Service smartphone app
  • Inkjet paper

Note: Descriptions are based on Android 8.0. The screens vary depending on the device and app.

Procedure for Mopria Print Service

  1. Use Mopria Print Service to print from an Android mobile device easily.

    For details on Mopria Print Service, refer to

    For how to use Mopria Print Service, refer to

Procedure for Canon Print Service

  1. STEP


    Download & start  Canon Print Service on smartphone or tablet.

    Download Canon Print Service from here

    Note: It may already be installed depending on your device.

  2. STEP


    Enable  Canon Print Service on smartphone or tablet.

    On devices running Android 7.0 or later, Canon Print Service will be enabled automatically after installation.

  3. STEP


    Open a web page or e-mail in a smartphone app, and then perform operation for printing.

    • figure: Android screen


    • figure: Android screen


    On devices running versions earlier than Android 8.0, tap Canon Print Service in the share menu.

    Note: The operation varies depending on the app.

  4. STEP


    Select the printer and print.

    • figure: Android screen


    • figure: Android screen


    If the printer is not connected to the network or if you want to set the paper size, paper type, print area, etc., use Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY for printing.


Trademarks and Licenses

  • Android is a registered trademark or trademark of Google Inc.
  • Google Play and Google Play Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • The Mopria® is a trademark of Mopria® Alliance, Inc.

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