Saving Camera Images to a Smartphone via Wi-Fi (Powershot G7 X Mark III)

Article ID: ART175371 | Date published: 09/17/2019 | Date last updated: 09/17/2019


Images on the camera can be saved to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone connected via Wi-Fi.‚Äč
Prepare the smartphone as follows:
  • The free dedicated Camera Connect app must be installed on the smartphone.
  • For details on this app (supported smartphones and included functions), refer to the Canon website.
  • Camera Connect can be installed from Google Play or the App Store.
    You can also access Google Play or the App Store from a QR code that you can display on the camera when registering the smartphone on the camera.
  • Use the latest version of the smartphone OS.
  • Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the smartphone. Note that pairing with the camera is not possible from the smartphone's Bluetooth settings screen.


 [Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection]
[ Connect to smartphone]
[Add a device to connect to]
Choose an item.
  • If Camera Connect is already installed, select [Do not display].
  • If Camera Connect is not installed, select [Android] or [iOS], scan the displayed QR code with the smartphone to access Google play or App Store and install Camera Connect.
[Pair via Bluetooth]
  • To pair with a different smartphone after pairing with one initially, choose [OK] on the screen at left.
Start Camera Connect.
Choose the camera to pair with.

In Android
  • Touch the nickname of the camera.
In iOS
  • Touch the nickname of the camera --> [Pair].
On the camera, choose [OK].
  • Pairing is now complete. and the camera is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
In Camera Connect, touch [Images on camera].
  • A Wi-Fi connection is established automatically.
  • In iOS, touch [Join] when a message is displayed to confirm camera connection.
  Confirm that the devices are connected via Wi-Fi.
  • Images on the camera are listed on the smartphone.
  • [Wi-Fi on] is displayed on the camera.
Save images on the camera to the smartphone.
  • Choose listed camera images and save them to the smartphone.
  • Any active Bluetooth connections will be lost if you  remove the camera battery pack. The connection will be reestablished when you insert the battery pack and turn on the camera.
  • Battery life may be shorter when you use the camera after pairing with a smarthphone, because power is consumed even when the camera is off.
  • Before bringing the camera to places where the use of electronic devices is restricted, disable active Bluetooth communication (which is used even when the camera is off) by choosing  [Bluetooth settings] --> [Wi-Fi] --> [Disable].
  • You can change the camera nickname in  [Nickname].
  • You can send images to a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi or paired via Bluetooth (Android devices only) by choosing the images from the camera's playback screen. Press the  button and choose .

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