Uploading Images to Web Services with the PowerShot G7 X Mark III

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Use a smartphone or computer to add your Web servicces to the camera.


Registering Web Services

Your shots can be automatically sent to a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi.
Do the following with the main Camera Connect screen displayed.
  • A smartphone or computer with a browser and Internet connection is required to complete camera settings for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and other Web services.
  • Visit the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY website for details on versions of browsers (such as Internet Explorer) and settings required for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY access.
  • For information on countries and regions where CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is available, visit the Canon website (http://www.canon.com/cig/)
  • For CANON iMAGE GATEWAY instructions and setting details, refer to the help information for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
  • To use Web services other than CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, you must have an account with them. For further details, check the websites for each Web service you want to register.
  • Separate ISP connection and access point fees may be applicable.


Link the camera and CANON iMAGE GATEWAY by adding CANON iMAGE GATEWAY as a destination Web service on the camera.
Connect the devices near the access point, because you will need to press the WPS button.
Note that you will need to enter an email address used on your computer or smartphone to receive a notification message for completing linkage settings.
  Press the  button.
Accept the agreement to enter an email address.
  • Read the agreement displayed and choose [I agree].
  Establish a connection with an access point.
  • [Connect with WPS] --> [WPS (PBC mode)] --> [OK]
  • Press the WPS button on the access point.
  • Choose [Auto setting] on the camera's [IP address set.] screen.
Enter your email address.
Enter a four-digit number of your choice.
Check for the notification message.
  • [OK]
  • [] now changes to [].
Access the page in the notification message and complete camera link settings.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the settings on the camera link settings page.
Choose [].
  • CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is now added as a destination Web service.

Registering Other Web Services

You can also add Web services besides CANON iMAGE GATEWAY to the camera.
Log in to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and access the camera link settings page.
  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete settings for Web services you want to use.
Press the  button to choose [].

Uploading Images to Web Services

  Press the  button.
Choose the destination.
  • Choose a Web service icon.
  • If a Web service offers multiple recipients or sharing options, choose an item on the screen displayed for selecting recipients.
Send an image.
  • Choose sending options and upload the image.
  • When uploading to YouTube, read the terms of service and choose [I Agree].
  • After the image is sent, [OK] is displayed.
    Press the  button to return to the playback screen.

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