Saving Camera Images to a Smartphone via Wi-Fi on the PowerShot G5 X Mark II

Article ID: ART175376 | Date published: 09/17/2019 | Date last updated: 09/17/2019


Images on the camera can be saved to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone connected via Wi-Fi.​
Prepare the smartphone as follows:
  • The free dedicated Camera Connect app must be installed on the smartphone.
  • For details on this app (supported smartphones and included functions), refer to the Canon website.
  • Camera Connect can be installed from Google Play or the App Store.
    You can also access Google Play or the App Store from a QR code that you can display on the camera when registering the smartphone on the camera.
  • Use the latest version of the smartphone OS.
  • Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the smartphone. Note that pairing with the camera is not possible from the smartphone's Bluetooth settings screen.


 [Wireless communication settings]
[Bluetooth function]
[Bluetooth function] --> [Smartphone]
Press the  button.
Enter a nickname and press the  button.
  • To use the nickname displayed, press the  button.

Choose an item.
  • If Camera Connect is already installed, select [Do not display].
  • If Camera Connect is not installed, select [andfroid] or [iOS], scan the displayed QR code with the smartphone to access Google Play or App Store and install Camera Connect.
Start Camera Connect on the smartphone.
Touch the nickname of the camera for pairing.
  Touch [Pair] (iOS only).
On the camera, choose [OK].
Press the button.
  • Pairing is now complete, and the camera is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
In Camera Connect, touch [Images on camera].
  • A Wi-Fi connection is established automatically.
  • In iOS, touch [Join] when a message is displayed to confirm camera connection.
  Confirm that the devices are connected via Wi-Fi.
  • Images on the camera are listed on the smartphone.
  • [Wi-Fi on] is displayed on the camera.
Save images on the camera to the smartphone.
  • Choose listed camera images and save them to the smartphone.

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