Main Components of the Printer - MG3520 / MG3522 (Front View)

Article ID: ART175389 | Date published: 09/20/2019 | Date last updated: 09/20/2019


This article lists the main components seen on the front of the PIXMA MG3520 / MG3522.




  1. Paper Output Support
    Extend to support ejected paper.

  2. Paper Output Tray
    Printed paper is ejected.

  3. Paper Output Cover
    Open to replace the FINE cartridge or remove jammed paper inside the machine.

  4. Document Cover
    Open to load an original on the platen glass.

  5. Paper Guides
    Slide to align with both sides of the paper stack.

  6. Front Tray
    Load various sizes or types of paper which you can use on the machine. Two or more sheets of the same size and type of paper can be loaded at the same time, and fed automatically one sheet at a time.




  1. Front Cover
    Open to load paper in the front tray.

  2. Paper Support
    Extend to load paper in the front tray.

  3. Output Tray Extension
    Open to support ejected paper.


  1. Operation Panel
    Use to change the settings of the machine or to operate it.



  1. Platen Glass
    Load an original to copy or scan.


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