Main Components of the Printer - MG3520 / MG3522 (Inside View)

Article ID: ART175391 | Date published: 09/20/2019 | Date last updated: 09/20/2019


This article shows the components found inside the PIXMA MG3520 / MG3522.




  1. Ink Cartridge Lock Lever
    Locks the FINE cartridge into place.

  2. FINE Cartridge (ink cartridges)
    A replaceable cartridge that integrates print head and ink tank.

  3. FINE Cartridge Holder
    Install the FINE cartridge.
    The color FINE cartridge should be installed into the left slot and the black FINE cartridge should be installed into the right slot.

  4. Head Cover
    Opens to enable replacement of the FINE cartridge. The head cover will open automatically when you open the paper output cover.


  • The area around the parts (A) may be splattered with ink. This does not affect the performance of the machine.
  • Do not touch the parts (A) or the electrical contacts (B) behind them. The machine may not print properly if you touch them.



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