Main Components of the Printer - MG3520 / MG3522 (Operation Panel)

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This article shows the components found on the operation panel of the PIXMA MG3520 / MG3522.



* The Wi-Fi and Alarm lamps are shown lit in the illustration below for explanatory purposes.


  1. ON Lamp
    Lights green after flashing when the power is turned on.
 Note regarding ON and Alarm lamps
  • You can check the status of the machine by the ON and Alarm lamps.
    • ‚ÄčON lamp is off: The power is off.
    • ON lamp lights green: The machine is ready to print.
    • ON lamp flashes green: The machine is getting ready to print, or printing is in progress.
    • Alarm lamp flashes orange: An error has occurred and the machine is not ready to print.  The number of flashes will indicate the error condition.
    • ON lamp flashes green and Alarm lamp flashes orange alternately: An error that requires contacting the service center may have occurred.  The number of flashes will indicate the error condition.
  1. ON Button
    Turns the power on or off. Before turning on the power, make sure that the document cover is closed.

  2. Wi-Fi Lamp
    Lights or flashes blue to indicate the wireless LAN status.

    Wireless LAN connection is enabled.

    Printing or scanning over wireless LAN. Also flashes while configuring the wireless LAN connection.

  3. Wi-Fi Button
    Hold down to automatically set up the wireless LAN connection.

  4. Ink Lamps
    Light or flash orange when ink runs out, etc.
    The left lamp indicates the color FINE cartridge status, the right lamp the black FINE cartridge status.

  5. Paper Button
    Selects the page size and media type.

  6. Paper Lamp
    Lights to indicate the page size and media type selected with the Paper button.

  7. Stop Button
    Cancels operations. You can press this button to cancel a print, copy, or scan job in progress. Holding this button down lets you select maintenance options or machine settings.

  8. Color Button*
    Starts color copying. You can also press this button to finalize your selection for the setting item.

  9. Black Button*
    Starts black & white copying. You can also press this button to finalize your selection for the setting item.

  10. Alarm Lamp
    Lights or flashes orange when an error occurs, such as paper-out or ink-out. When performing machine maintenance or machine settings, options can be selected according to the number of flashes.

* In the software applications or manuals, the Color and Black buttons are collectively called the "Start" or "OK" button.

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