What Inks are Compatible with the printer? (MG3020 / MG3022)

Article ID: ART175393 | Date published: 09/20/2019 | Date last updated: 09/20/2019


This article shows the compatible FINE cartridges for the PIXMA MG3020 / MG3022.  FINE cartridge volumes are included.



Compatible Inks

The inks shown below can be used in this printer.

Pigment Black

PG-243 PGBK ink volume: 5.6 ml
PG-245 PGBK ink volume: 8.0 ml

PG-245XL PGBK ink volume: 12.0 ml



CLI-244 ink volume: 6.2 ml
CLI-246 ink volume: 9.0 ml
CLI-246XL ink volume: 13.0 ml

You can use a combination of standard and XL inks in your printer.  For example, you could use a PG-243 and a CL-246XL.


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