Connecting to a printer and printing via Wi-Fi (EOS M6 Mark II)

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Connecting to a printer and printing via Wi-Fi (EOS M6 Mark II)


Print images over a Wi-Fi connection from printers compatible with PictBridge (wireless LAN) technology.
This section describes how to connect the camera directly to a printer via Wi-Fi and to print images.

Connecting Your Camera and Printer via Wi-Fi

1. Turn the camera on.

2. Press the < > button.

3. Press the < > button to choose the [ ] tab.

4. Turn the < > dial to choose [ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection ], press < >.

5. Turn the < > dial to choose [ Print from Wi-Fi printer ], press < >.

  • When the following screen appears, press the < > < > buttons to switch to other screens.

6. Turn the < > dial to choose [ Add a device to connect to ], press < >.

7. Check the SSID ( ) and password ( ).

8. Use the printer to connect to the camera via Wi-Fi.
  • In the printer’s Wi-Fi setting menu, choose the SSID (network name) displayed on the camera to establish a connection.
  • In the password field on the printer, enter the password displayed on the camera.

9. Turn the < > dial to choose the printer to use and press < >.
  • Images on the memory card are displayed after the devices are connected via Wi-Fi.

10. Turn the < > dial to choose an image and press < >.

11. Turn the < > dial to choose [ Print image ] and press < >.

12. Turn the < > dial to choose [Print], and press < >.

13. [ Start printing ] will be displayed, turn the < > dial to choose [ OK ], press < >.
  • Printing now begins.
  • To print other images, after printing is finished, repeat this procedure from step 10.

Virtual Keyboard Operations

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter information. Note that the length and type of information you can enter varies depending on the function you are using.

Input area, for entering text
Cursor keys, for moving in the input area
Current no. of characters/no. available
Switch input modes
Delete a character in the input area
Finish the text entry



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