Basic Steps for Scanning with Image Capture - macOS

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This article will provide basic information on scanning with Image Capture on macOS.



Image Capture is a program included with macOS that will allow you to scan photos or documents into your computer.  Follow the steps below to scan photos or documents into your computer using Image Capture.

  • Depending on your model, you will need to have an ICA driver installed on your Mac in order to use Image Capture.  Some models, such as the PIXMA TS8220, use AirPrint for scanning, which means that a driver does not have to be installed.
  1. In Finder on your Mac, click Go --> Applications.
  2. In the Applications folder, double click Image Capture.
  3. When Image Capture starts, an overview (preview) scan is performed.  This will show you what is loaded on the scanner.  If this does not happen, click on your Canon product on the left side of the window, under DEVICES or SHARED.

    Note: If your Image Capture Window shows fewer options, click Show Details at the bottom of the window.

  4. After the overview scan has finished and you see an image of what is on the scanner, you will see a cropping box around the item placed on the glass.  You can adjust this cropping box as desired.

    You will also have several options to the right.

    If Use Custom Size is selected, this is what will allow you to manually adjust the cropping box in this window.  You can also specify the size of the area that you want to scan by typing in the desired size in the boxes provided.

    If it is unchecked, a list of sizes will appear in a pop-up menu, such as LetterA45" x 7", etc.

    Resolution will allow you to specify what resolution you want your image to be scanned at.  The choices available in this pop-up menu may vary based on your model.

    Scan To indicates where the scanned image will be saved on the computer.  You can pick one of the locations provided in the list, or you can manually specify where you want to save your image by selecting Other... in this pop-up menu.

    Name is the file name for your saved image.

    Format will allow you to specify what image format you want the image saved as.

    Image Correction will allow you to specify automatic adjustments to your image based on what you are scanning.  If you select Manual, you can manually adjust the BrightnessTintTemperature, and Saturation of the image.

  5. After specifying the options as desired, click Scan.  The image will be scanned and saved to your computer.


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