ScanGear Starter EX - Preferences Scan Tab (macOS) - LiDE 120 / LiDE 220

Article ID: ART175525 | Date published: 10/30/2019 | Date last updated: 10/30/2019


This article provides information on settings that can be adjusted in the Scan tab of Preferences in ScanGear Starter EX.



Scan Tab

On the Scan tab, you can specify the following settings.

Status of ScanGear dialog after scanning

Select what to do with ScanGear after scanning images.

Close ScanGear automatically
Select this to close the ScanGear screen when scanning is completed.
Do not close ScanGear automatically
Select this to return to the ScanGear screen for another scan when scanning is completed.

Advanced Mode Settings
Enable 48/16 bit Output

Select this checkbox to display Color(48bit) in Color Mode on the Advanced Mode tab.


  • Some applications cannot receive images scanned in Color(48bit) or may close when such images are received.


  • When Color(48bit) is selected for Color Mode, deselecting this checkbox changes Color(48bit) to Color.
  • When using a model supporting 16 bit output, Grayscale(16bit) appears in Color Mode.

Enable Large Image Scans

Select this checkbox to scan images up to 30000 pixels x 21000 pixels and 1.8 GB.


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