ScanGear Starter EX - Advanced Mode Tab Output Settings (macOS) - LiDE 120 / LiDE 220

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This article provides information on the Output Settings area of the Advanced Mode tab of ScanGear Starter EX.



Output Settings


Output Settings allows you to set the following items:

Output Resolution

Select the resolution to scan at.

The higher the resolution (value), the more detail in your image.

Select a resolution from the options displayed by clicking the button, or enter a value within the range of 25 dpi to 19200 dpi (in 1 dpi increments).

Output Size

Select an output size.

Select Flexible to set custom sizes or select a size for printing or displaying. Select Add/Delete... to set custom size and save it as a new output size option.


You can specify the output resolution and scale, and adjust the cropping frames (scan areas).

In thumbnail view:

Drag the mouse over a thumbnail to display a cropping frame. When a cropping frame is displayed, the portion within the cropping frame will be scanned. When no cropping frame is displayed, each frame is scanned individually.

In whole image view:

When no cropping frame is displayed, the entire Preview area will be scanned. When a cropping frame is displayed, the portion within the cropping frame will be scanned.


  • To enlarge/reduce the scanned image, enter values into (Width) and (Height) in Output Settings or specify a value (by 1 %) for %. Although the maximum value available for % depends on the Output Resolution, it can be specified for up to 19200 dpi (the maximum available output resolution).

Paper Size (L, A4, etc.) & Monitor Size (1024 x 768 pixels, etc.)
(Width), (Height), and scale cannot be specified. The preview image will be cropped according to the selected output size and resolution. The portion within the cropping frame will be scanned at the size of the selected paper/monitor size. You can drag the cropping frame to enlarge, reduce, or move it while maintaining the aspect ratio.


Opens the Add/Delete the Output Size dialog, in which you can specify custom output sizes.


In the Add/Delete the Output Size dialog, you can specify multiple output sizes and save them at one time. Saved items will be registered to the Output Size list and can be selected, along with the predefined items.


Select Print or Image display for Destination, then enter Output Size Name, Width, and Height, then click Add. For Unit, you can select inches or mm when Destination is Print but you can only select pixels when Destination is Image display. The name of the added size appears in the Output Size List. Click Save to save the items listed in the Output Size List.


Select the output size you want to delete in the Output Size List, then click Delete. Click Save to save the items listed in the Output Size List.


  • You cannot delete predefined output sizes such as A4 and 1024 x 768 pixels.


  • Save up to 10 items for each destination.
  • An error message appears when you enter a value outside the setting range. Enter a value within the range displayed in the message.


  • Refer to "Adjusting Cropping Frames (ScanGear)" for details on cropping frames.
  • For details on whether or how the cropping frame is initially displayed on a preview image, refer to Cropping Frame on Previewed Images in "Preview Tab" (Preferences dialog).

(Switch Aspect Ratio)

Available when Output Size is set to anything but Flexible.

Click this button to rotate the cropping frame. Click again to return it to the original orientation.

Data Size

The data size when scanned with the current settings is displayed.


  • When the data size exceeds a certain size, the value appears in red. In that case, a warning message appears when you click Scan. It is recommended that you adjust the settings to reduce Data Size. To continue, scan in whole image view.


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