Aligning the Print Head Automatically from a Mac - TR7520

Article ID: ART175785 | Date published: 12/02/2019 | Date last updated: 12/02/2019


This article explains how to automatically align the print head for the PIXMA TR7520 from a Mac.



Automatically Aligning the Print Head Position

Any error in the print head installation position can cause color and line shifts. Adjusting the print head position improves print results.

Auto head alignment

  1. Select Utilities from the Remote UI.

  2. Click Auto head alignment.

  3. In the cassette, load 1 sheet of plain A4-sized or Letter-sized paper.

  4. Make sure that the printer power is on, and then click Yes.
    Head alignment starts. Proceed with the operations in accordance with the messages on the screen.


    • While the printer is printing, do not open the printer scanning unit / cover.


  • You can print and check the current settings by clicking on Print the head alignment value.


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