Enabling / Disabling Quiet Mode - G7020
Article ID: ART175793 | Date published: 12/03/2019 | Date last updated: 12/03/2019


This article provides information on how to enable or disable the quiet mode of the PIXMA G7020.



Quiet mode

Enables this function on the printer if you want to reduce the operating noise, such as when printing at night. In addition, you can specify the time range to reduce the operating noise.


Follow the procedure below to perform setting.

  1. Make sure that the printer is powered on.

  2. Press the Setup button.

    The Setup menu screen is displayed.

  3. Select Quiet mode and then press the OK button.

  4. Select ON or Specify hrs of use and then press the OK button.

    • When ON is selected:

      You can reduce the operating noise while printing is in progress.

    • When Specify hrs of use is selected:

      The screen to specify starting/ending time is displayed. Use the   buttons to move the cursor under the desired position, use the Numeric buttons to enter the time, then press the OK button.


      You can reduce the operating noise during the specified time.


    • Operating speed may be reduced compared to when OFF is selected.

    • This function may not be so effective depending on the printer's setting. Furthermore, certain noise, such as when the printer is preparing for printing, is not reduced.


    • You can set the quiet mode from the operation panel of the printer, the printer driver, or ScanGear (scanner driver). No matter how you set the quiet mode, the mode is applied when you perform operations from the operation panel of the printer or printing and scanning from the computer.