Serial Number Location - G5020

Article ID: ART176098 | Date published: 01/07/2020 | Date last updated: 01/07/2020


There are a few areas where you can find the serial number for the PIXMA G5020.



The serial number of the PIXMA G5020 can be found on the back of the printer.  It is on a white sticker near the bottom, towards the left side.

If you are unable to turn the printer around, you can display the serial number on the printer's LCD.  Follow the steps below to display the printer's serial number.

  1. With the printer powered on, press the Setup button.

  2. Press the right arrow button  until System information appears.  Then, press the OK button.

  3. Press the right arrow button  until Serial number appears.  Then, press the OK button.

The serial number is displayed.

The serial number can also be found on line 1-3 of the printer's Network Configuration Page.


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