After updating the firmware, when using the GUI (web remote user interface), I get the message "Incorrect password"

Article ID: ART176100 | Date published: 01/07/2020 | Date last updated: 01/15/2020


 If you have updated the scanner to the latest version of the firmware (v. 1.32 or later), a preset password for the web remote user interface is set on the scanner. To reset this password, follow the steps below.


 You will need to "Initialize" the scanner in order to remove the default web interface password set on the scanner.
NOTE: This process will wipe all of the scanner settings (including the network settings if you have those set)!!

To do this:
  1. On the scanner's control panel, press the "Menu" button and using the arrow keys, locate "Maintenance".
  2. Press the :"OK" button and scroll all the way through the list until you find "Initialize".
    This option should be towards the bottom of the menu.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Once the scanner restarts, go to the "Network" section and check "Network Information" to see if it has an IP address. If not, using the menu, go ahead and create an IP address.
  5. Once you know the IP address, open a browser and type the IP address in the browser's address bar, the scanner's web user interface should appear.
  6. Since you have initialize the scanner, there is no longer a "Logon" password, so you click the "Logon" button to access the scanner's remote user interface.

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