IJ Scan Utility (macOS) - Settings Dialog (MB2120 / MB2720)

Article ID: ART176138 | Date published: 01/13/2020 | Date last updated: 01/21/2020


This article provides basic information on the Settings dialog of IJ Scan Utility on macOS.



Settings Dialog

There are three tabs in the Settings dialog: (Scanning from a Computer), (Scanning from the Operation Panel), and (General Settings). When you click a tab, the view in the red frame switches and you can make advanced settings to functions on each tab.

figure: Settings dialog

(Scanning from the Operation Panel) Tab

You can specify how to respond when scanning from the operation panel.


(General Settings) Tab

You can set the product to use, file size restriction on e-mail attachment, language to detect text in images, and folder in which to save images temporarily.


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