My scanned documents are stretched. How do I correct it on Mac?

Article ID: ART176148 | Date published: 01/15/2020 | Date last updated: 01/15/2020


 As the installed rollers in the scanner wear out, scanned images may become stretched in a vertical direction. If this happens, you can reduce the amount of stretching of the image by adjusting the reduction ratio.


  1.  Open the scanner driver's Detail Settings screen and click  to display the [Scanner Information] dialog box.
    HINT: Click on the blue information icon located in the bottom left corner of the Driver Settings screen.

  2. Click [Maintenance] to display the [Maintenance] dialog box.
  3. Change the value of [Reduction ratio adjustment].
    The adjustment value can be set within the range from -3.0% to 3.0%.

  4. Click  to close the dialog box.

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