Color Grading EOS C500 Mark II footage with the ACES Workflow

Article ID: ART176201 | Date published: 01/29/2020 | Date last updated: 01/29/2020


You can perform color grading using ACES2065-1, the color encoding system defined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This workflow allows you to perform on-set color grading* while continuing to shoot.
* Requires monitors compatible with ASC-CDL and 3D LUT color correction.


ACESproxy: ACESproxy video data that is output from the camera's output terminals when performing on-set color grading. Select the [ACESproxy] option for the LUT setting, depending on where the video is to be output.
Input Transform: Refers to the table used for converting color information of the input device to ACES2065-1 color space.
Output Transform: Refers to the table used for mapping ACES2065-1 color space information to the specific color information scheme used by the display device.
ASC-CDL: Refers to the list that contains color grading adjustment data. This step requires equipment compatible with ASC-CDL.

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